Consultation for Full and Partial Dentures in Reading, PA

Schedule a consultation with Eric Bluestone, D.M.D. and Dr. David S. Bluestone, D.D.S. at Bluestone Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for full and partial dentures. Dentures are possibly the best choice for tooth replacement for many dental patients.

Full Denture Process

Complete or full dentures are used when an entire arch of teeth need to be replaced. This may be designed as an upper or lower denture (possibly both) to restore function and natural beauty after a tooth loss or tooth extraction.

Traditional dentures - designed when the gums have completely healed after tooth extraction. Read more

Partial Denture Process

Partial denture appliance - This may be used when several teeth have been lost or extracted (some natural teeth remain). The procedure is designed to bring back beauty plus functionality.

During your dental consultation, we will discuss different types of partial dentures.
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